Friday, January 14, 2011

Just You Wait Till I Get My Gun Out Friday!

As I previously mentioned, there was kind of a shortage of super-hero comics in the early days of Action Comics, especially if you don't consider Zatara the Magician a super-hero.  But by Action Comics #40, things had changed..... a teensy tiny bit:

Am I the only one who is hoping this is Devo?  Because it could totally be Devo, and that would be bitchin'!  I would buy the heck out of a Devo comic.

But alas, it's simply Mr. America, arguably one of the worst characters ever.  He wore breeches and buckled shoes, had a porn star mustache and a pony tail like those guys that still take classes at the local community college in their 60's for no particular reason.  And his name made him sound like the Affirmative Action entry in a beauty pageant.  He was just wrong all the way around.

And he had zero respect for the law:

Assault an officer?  Don't mind if I do!

And his calling card.... eeeesh:

Seriously?  Batman is sending bats to people via United Parcel Service and this guy is striking terror into the hearts of hardened criminals with a dyed, autographed feather.  Only the most skittish homophobe would have any kind of reaction.

So, it should come as no surprise that Mr. America has trouble handling even a non-powered foe armed with a handgun.  Thank goodness the cops were around:

Yup!  I'm the guy you attacked with a whip earlier!  And you're welcome, douchebag!

Off to the Costume and Character Hall of Shame with you, Mr. America!  You were a character that even a revival in the current Justice Society series can't make cool.

See you TUESDAY because of the holiday!


Britt Reid said...

He was renamed "Americommando" around 1942, but they didn't change the costume.
Roy Thomas used him in All-Star Squadron. (surpised?)

He was one of the central characters in The Golden Age Elseworlds mini-series by James Robinson and Paul Smith.

OrigamiGirl said...

I bet him and Captain America didn't get on. The fight between them would probably be a disappointment though.

MarvelX42 said...

When did Devo ever wear ski masks?

Will said...

So wait... the bad guy is named The Purple?

Britt Reid said...

"So wait... the bad guy is named The Purple?"

In the era of The Purple Monster Strikes movie serial, and heroes The Purple Zombie (really!) and The Purple Claw, why not?

Adam Barnett said...

Marvel X42, Devo wore a lot of things, including face masks not overly different from these masks. Check out the back cover of their newest album "Something for Everybody."