Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Unga Pacua! Wednesday!

It's quite a jump, but these Daredevil issues are kind of hard to come by. We find ourselves at issue #18. Daredevil has already found his group of sidekicks, the Little Wise Guys. Meatball has already died and been replaced by Curly.

So, since he's taken to surrounding himself by children, Daredevil spends less time bursting in on people stabbing each other and more time at Chuck E. Cheese:

What I like about this cover is the I'll-betcha-it's-totally-unauthorized use of Mickey Mouse in the upper left:

There is no way you could argue that wasn't the likeness of Mickey Mouse with a straight face. But if I were served with a love letter from Disney's legal department, I suppose I could argue that it's only a drawing of a doll with the unauthorized likeness of Mickey Mouse, so your fight is really with the maker of the doll and not me. Or heck, I'd go for the gusto and say it's a drawing of a doll that is an authorized Disney product and it must have been laying around the carnival. Hopefully, that would confuse them long enough for me to seek bankruptcy protection.

Now, before you read the dialog, just look at the pictures:

That's a pretty disturbing scene, isn't it? I think it's pretty disturbing even with the dialog. Shouldn't Curly just be asking if DD would just show them what he looks like without his mask? He's asking Daredevil to disrobe, for crying out loud! And they're all in the same bed, and I don't see clothes on any of 'em! This is just wrong! Blogger is so going to shut my site down.

But it's been a year and a half since the first appearance of DD, so I guess someone decided it was time to poop out an origin story:

It's great to me how no one worried about origin stories back in the day. They'd get around to one eventually, but did you really care? I didn't. You could explain it in two panels and I was fine with it. These days, there are so many re-tooling of origins that I can hardly stomach it.

But I guess someone had a hard time saying "The guy likes to throw boomerangs and hates criminals" in so many words, so we have this whole origin story:

That's not DD, by the way. That's the chief of a pygmy tribe who was bribed by Edgar to kill DD's parents. That's DD's father with all the spears sticking out of him.

And then there's DD's mom:

DD was a huge baby! Seriously, that kid is proportionally the size of an average three year-old there.

She kicked butt. She took names:

I would buy a mini-series called Daredevil's Mom. You would, too. Admit it.

Greatest. Dialog. Ever.:

So, what does DD look like without the mask? It would be lame of me not to share:


Pleasant dreams, kids!

See you tomorrow!


Britt Reid said...

DareDevil's "origin" in #18 was probably comics' first retcon!
An entirely different origin was given during his first appearance in Silver Streak Comics #6 as I detailed here...

"I would buy a mini-series called Daredevil's Mom. You would, too. Admit it."
If it was called "Mother of the Devil", I would...

Anonymous said...

A mini series, after she apparently shot herself in the head? Um.....

I'm worried about the bloke going "Yiggie yiggie" whilst adopting a position not known in the natural world. Mr Red Loin Cloth. I suspect that he fell over, and possibly did himself a mischief with his spear.