Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Name that Obscure Comic Book Hero Tuesday!

Still digging through the Golden Age Daredevil comics, just because.

And here is 13, who was part of the "A Real Hero Need Not Wear Pants" Club:

Hey, are those quotes around his chest insignia? Because I'm pretty sure they are. Maybe he's just doing that to mess with your head.

I'm 13! Or maybe I'm not...

Blast you, 13 (if that is your real name!)! Your coy wordplay has confounded my plans for world domination!

Speaking of unfortunate names:

Pat Patriot has got to be the least badass name I've ever heard, and I have readily tolerated a guy who willingly went by the name "Johnny Quick."

But even more concerning is her ambition. "America's Joan of Arc?" So you want to be burned at the stake for heresy? Seriously? That's quite a goal you've set for yourself and all, but....

Wow, would this have landed me in hot water if I had seen it as a child. You don't dangle a "Punch of the Month" in front of me and not expect me to try it out on some willing-but-perhaps-too-easily-persuaded classmate.

We've all heard of the Black Terror, but did you know that Terrors also come in Bronze? Yes, there was a Bronze Terror:

You can be a pretty heroic guy, but if you're wearing a skull mask, I can't imagine a kiss from you being prized all that much by the ladies. I could be wrong, though.

Prepare to thank your lucky stars, kids!:

I don't know that luck had a lot to do with it, as opposed to your willingness to exchange a dime for said comic magazine, but I suppose you could always thank your lucky stars that you were born in a country where you could blow a dime on a comic. Or you could thank your lucky stars that you could afford comics when you were a child, because that sure ain't the case now, Home Skillet!

See you tomorrow!


Daniel [oeconomist.com] said...

The thing is that his name isn't 13, which is a number; nor is it “13”, which is the name of a number; but is ‘“13”’, which is, as it were, a name of a name of a number.

(Once again, I am forced to play the White Knight.)

Anonymous said...

My head just exploded.....

I think "Pat Patriotic" looks well cool! Those trousers! And she has a cape! Although she would not have seen "The Incredibles" at this point.


E. Bernhard Warg said...

Anonymous said...
"Those trousers!"

Take a closer look. It's a little hard to tell, but she's definitely wearing a skirt.

It's more obvious here, though talk about making no sense...

Britt Reid said...

As you pointed out, it is unfortunate that Pat Patriot's nickname is "America's Joan of Arc"

It's sort of like calling a military-themed superhero "today's General Custer".

And you gotta ask, how did DareDevil ever sit down without ruining the upholstery?

Anonymous said...

OH. Not so cool then :-). No, no, I still think she looks great, although I do feel that matching "her feminine wit and charm" against a plane which appears to be shooting at her might result in a pretty short comic run.


MarvelX42 said...

Is that "13" Doctor 13 or is "13" and Doctor 13 two different characters?