Friday, September 12, 2008

Flea Market Friday!

Some random stuff I had laying around:

From X-Men #96:

You cannot be allowed to leave here alive!

What did you just say?

What.... uh, nothing!

Oh. I thought you just said I couldn't be allowed to leave here alive.

Oh. Um..... no, I didn't say that.

Oh.... ok.

I'm glad you bought that. Because I don't want you to know that I'm going to kill you!

Now, I heard that!

What? What? I didn't say anything!


For those of you scoring at home, Jean did not say she loves Scott. If you say you love someone, and they say anything other than "I love you, too," you are on the Lonely Island of Loserville.

And the fact that Jean manipulated Scott into saying it makes her twice the bitch for not returning the sentiment.

From Daredevil v.1 #197 and #198:

I loves me some Denny O'Neil, but when you name a character "Dark Wind," you are just begging to be put in this blog. Don't test me, O'Neil!

Yeah, my wife is afraid of offending my Dark Wind, too. That's why I'm not allowed to eat kielbasa.

Oh, that was silly. Have a great weekend! I'll see you Monday!


Anonymous said...

"Tell me I'm beautiful... tell me you love me... tell me I'm not weak!!"


LOL @ the Loserville line. At the office, fer cryin' out loud.

De said...

Many an occasion have I spent time on that island. The Dark Wind didn't help.

SallyP said...

Why do I keep hearing the voice of Sideshow Bob in the first one?

Thomas Fummo said...

*refuses to say anything, due to him being an inhabitant of the lonely island of loserville*

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's some clunky dialogue there between Scott and Jean. It feels like whoever wrote that has never been in love.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't "My turn" in this context mean, "Now I will pay YOU a compliment?" Geez, I've dated women like that -- we both thought she was wonderful :(