Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back to the 7th Grade Wednesday!

You'd think we'd be beyond potty humor at this point.

But then along comes All-Star Comics #13!:

Awaiting the thrust against vital positions? Dying for a little action?

Look at Starman's face. You know he's thinking, "That's what she said!"

But such tomfoolery has it's limits:

The Spectre - Instrument of God's Wrath and Fan of Parliamentary Procedure.

And we use the plentiful radium supply for illumination. We generally keel over dead at the age of twelve, but it makes everything look all glowy!

Yeah, I'm sure Uranus really is dark and cold, especially when the vacuum hits.

I apologize for that. I really do.

Let's pick it up again tomorrow while I pull my mind out of the gutter.


De said...

In that second-to-last panel, would you say Sandman was clinging to life on Uranus?

Sea-of-Green said...

Hey, LOOK -- a hero that can SPEAK in an airless environment! Now THAT's a superpower!

Thomas Fummo said...

I was just glad he wasn't singing again.

SallyP said...

Ok, now THIS is funny. Thigh-slappingly funny. Can't you just see poor Wonder Woman rolling her eyes at having to write down all the double entendres?

Anonymous said...

Um, The Sandman isn't talking about being queer with a guy, Adam... he said "baby"! I'm pretty sure this panel is illegal in 47 states.

Is there a vacuum around Uranus? That sounds really uncomfortable!!

Anonymous said...

Specter: "Wonder Woman, please read back that last motion?"

Wonder Woman: "Motion made my Superman and seconded by Batman that the Atom's costume is fruity. Discussion followed that while "fruity" is not very PC, this is the 1940s and that concept does not exist yet, but with all the time travel we do perhaps we should..."

Specter: "No, the statement by Hawkman."

Wonder Woman: "here it is. "...and if you ever lay a g***dammed hand on hawk girl again I will personally rip that stupid cowl off your head and shove it so far..."

Specter: "Thank you Wonder Woman, that will be ALL."