Friday, August 15, 2008

Marvel Girl Friday!

Did Jean Grey exist for any reason other than to create romantic tension? I mean, she was totally useless.

Rarely did two issues go by where Jean wasn't in this state. This one just happened to be from X-Men #23.

To be fair, Cyclops had his moments of shame as well. Here's a dandy from X-Men #24:

Yup. He just got schooled by a guy called the Locust. When a guy called the Locust is smacking you around, I think you need to have a better excuse handy than "He caught me off guard!" or the guys are going to give you purple nurples back at the School for Gifted Youngsters.

How you holding up there, Jean? From X-Men #25:

Um.... okay, we'll check in with you later. How about X-Men #27?:

See what I mean? Every other issue, the girl is keeling over! They should have replaced her with this guy:

This dude is so Joe Kickass, he can barely be contained in the ad. I don't care how hot Jean was supposed to be, if I'm fighting the Hellfire Club, I'd rather do it with this hombre!

See you Monday!


Allergy said...

Maybe you need someone "hot" to get adolescent boys to buy your books. But I don't want anyone on my team that goes around saying things like "I'm so weak!" Cyclops may have gotten biffed by The Locust (and even blew his one-liner in the process)* but at least he didn't go around bragging how weak he is.

That is... I'm sorry, but that is weak.

* with a mighty "WOK!" no less.

Aaron Carine said...

Except maybe for Wonder Woman,the super-heroines of that period(1960-68)should have carried a sign that said "helpless female" or "take me hostage".

smelloffail said...

Ok, I'm not going "anonymous" this time around-gotta fully get out of lurking.

Anyway, I've been wondering when you were going to start making fun of Jean. (Or, even that pathetic CyclopsxJeanxWarren triangle *cough* though Warren only had a chance in his mind *cough*)
However, Jean's not always useless... sometimes Angel takes over for her. Plus, she did go to college and take that manditory HomeEc class that all women (esp super-heroines) had to take during that time to keep house and make their own nifty costumes. That's gotta count for something, right?

james said...

DC was about a decade ahead of Marvel when it came to the feminist movement. Not just Wonder Woman, but also Black Canary, Batgirl, and several other female characters at DC were much more capable and competent than most heroines created by Stan Lee during the 1960s.

SallyP said...

Oh, Jean was a Stan Lee girl, there's no doubt about it. And a Stan Lee girl couldn't do ANYTHING! Jean, Sue, Wanda and the rest, just stood around and mewled for help, or got kidnapped,or whined a lot. And God forbid that they actually do anything physical.

Sorry, I guess I'm just cranky today.

Pere Ubu said...

Aw, be fair.

This was way before Red Bull, after all.

Johnny said...

Guffaw's at AWAY CLOD!

Can we start putting the word Clod back into today's vocab?