Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hot-Doggin', Heat-Visionin', Takin'-Up-for-Yer-Womanin', Pants-Optionalin', Magnetizin' Thursday!

Cooking with Clark Kent from Superboy v1 #190:

How would he know you're using your heat vision, Clark? Well, it could be by noticing those heat rays coming out of your eyes. And don't try to tell me they're invisible, because we all saw the Superman movies and know they aren't.

From that same issue, Shadow Lass is looking mighty pale. I also like the way they have the two candidates for leader sitting back-to-back and giving each other their meanest glare. I'd like to see a McCain/Obama debate where they do that. That would be awesome.

The main reason I clipped this panel, though, is to revel in Lightning Lad's whining. Dude, you're banging Saturn Girl. You don't have a lot of credibility as an objective advocate here. And your argument reeks of reverse-sexism. You sadden me.

From Adventure #361:

I cannot consider joining your cause, good sir, until you put on a pair of trousers.

Seriously. Is that his scrotum falling out on his left leg? I'm so grossed out....

From World's Finest #168:

Oh, yay. Magnets. This is the kind of gift your elderly relatives got you as a child. Wow, Aunt Myrtle, this beats the heck out of the action figures I was hoping for! You know me better than I know myself!


Allergy said...

Of it all, the two-tailed speech bubble is, I think, the most thrilling thing about today's panels. "See, this stuff is going on inside the tower that you can see the outside of here." We're seeing two different scenes at the exact same time! This is Picassoesque. I can't imagine why it never caught on as a major design element in comics.

Also, what's the deal with the editor's note? Was this a concept that was too difficult to expose through dialogue?

AND why do guys without adequate pantage insist on getting up on platforms?!? I bet SallyP likes it, though. Don't you, SallyP? As long as they're 'supple' and 'form-fitting'.

I want to play with some magnets now...

FoldedSoup said...

It's like someone asked Jim Starlin to draw a Legionnaire game of musical chairs ... To the Death!

De said...

I wonder how many kids had these magnets next to their Journey cassettes.

sinisterdan said...

The man taking the kids camping who cannot see the heat rays is clearly drunk off of his ass.

That issue was actually a special release on the topic of child neglect.

Sobering stuff.

SallyP said...

Allergy, there is NO way that man is supple.


I don't care HOW good you are at inciting mob rule, they won't take you seriously unless you put some pants on.

Wait, in the 31st Century, they actually let a GIRL lead? Gosh, they're progressive1