Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Batman Break Wednesday!

We haven't talked Batman in a while, so let's do!

Sure, the Joker's scary as heck, but he's got nothing on Bats. From Batman #2:

That's right, pally! You aren't even safe from me in jail. I'm gonna break into jail, snatch you from your cot, take you where they'll never find you, and give you a &*$#(*@! lobotomy! You'd better hope they put you in maximum secure, because that's the only chance you have to be safe from me!

Then, of course, I hope you'll become a valuable member of society... Yeah, rehab is my ultimate goal here. I'll rehab your chalk white ass back to the Stone Age!

You know, I have a thick head of hair, and I've never heard anyone say I didn't need to wear a motorcycle helmet. That's the kind of lie your father tells you to get you to keep digging the French drain after you've accidentally lopped off a toe. It'll grow back! Keep digging! We're losing daylight! A person doesn't need all ten toes!

That is the oddest threat I've ever heard. I'm surprised the thug got it so quickly. I'd need an illustration to explain exactly what Bats is proposing and why it's so scary....

That's the best dialogue Bats has ever said. Yeah, watch your back, African pygmies!


Allergy said...

I dunno, anytime I hear a phrase that includes "...shove my fist so far..." coming from someone who is lifting me in the air, it puts me in the mood for spilling my guts rather by default, even if the rest is in Swahili.

Johnny said...

i'm with allergy, all this fist shoving and railroad cars does indeed sound very queer

Sea_of_Green said...

Oh, Golden Age Batman. How I love you. :-)

And, OH YES, the infamous "Let's give the Joker a lobotomy" story. Yeah, we all know how THAT worked out.

SallyP said...

Gosh! Golden-Age Batman is rude, violent and crude! And yet...somehow endearing.