Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Daredevil Made Me Do It Wednesday!

DC is gonna release Millennium as a TPB? Really?

You have to admire the stones behind that. It's in a foot race with War of the Gods as to which is the worst DC crossover ever, and you get a second chance to buy it after it's been fermenting for over a decade. Yikes! You have been warned.

Let's put that behind us and give a little something for the ladies, courtesy of Daredevil v1 #130:

You're welcome, sallyp!

Although I'm not sure why DD felt like he had to shuck down to his tighty-reddies when he could have just put his suit on over the costume like he has a thousand times before and since.

A mildly historic moment here from Daredevil v1 #131 - the very first appearance of (and murder committed by) Bullseye:

Did anyone besides me notice that he talked an awful lot like a mad scientist in his early appearances? What was up with that?

From Daredevil v1, #122:

What an original emblem for the "Blackwing" character. What do you suppose they were going for there?

I actually like the little feet. When they re-design Batman's uniform, I want to see little feet on the chest insignia.

I give the women in comics a lot of guff, but I'll say this:

When Daredevil gets taken out, it looks pretty darn silly:

(From Daredevil v1, #129)

But even though Marvel Girl hits the pavement with clocklike regularity, it looks much more dignified:

(From X-Men v.1 #30)

See? She kinda swoons. Daredevil could never get away with that. Then again, Marvel Girl has a lot more practice in getting mowed down in battle, so she's had a chance to perfect her technique.

See you tomorrow!


Evil Twin said...

I am also puzzled by th efact that Mr. Hunnicutt seems to be having some sort of seizure after only seeing Bullseye pick up one of his pens.
I mean that looks like one serious overreaction to, what initially would appear to be nothing.
The length of time in which Bullseye could make such a long mad-scientist speech and the length of time in which he would pick up the pen and fling the pen at the guy's throat are greatly disproportioned!
Mr.Hunnicut is flattening himself against the wall and all BE seems to be doing is nicking one if his pens.
And what th ehell does he need pens for?
What are those compartments on his belt full of? Breath Mints?

googum said...

In the foot race of terrible DC crossovers, Genesis is a gazelle with a jetpack. I got it out of the quarter bins, and I hate it, and it hates me.

Adam Barnett said...

ooooooo..... forgot about Genesis. Maybe I was just trying to dispel the horror from my mind.

Yeah, now that you mention it, Genesis and One Million are up there, too. DC had a lot more misses than hits, didn't they?

Elie said...

Clearly in hiw initial apprearence, Bullseye's personality and speech pattern were still being developed, so we see him talking more like a typical super-villain. In fact I think Bullseye's well-known psychopathic persona was a innovation of Frank Miller, who took over the writing with #168.

Elie said...

Sorry for the typo - 'hiw' for 'his'!

De said...

You'll be cleaning erasers after school, Elie!

And the Millennium TPB is out. I saw it last week at my local shop. Here's a secret for which I'll never be forgiven: Not only do I own every single issue and crossover, but I have the index too.

Shame thy name is De!

Baal said...

Dude, please forgive me, but you're being tagged. Per a meme from Fortress Keeper and Pillock: What's your favorite blog post, ever? Oh, and you gotta tag five other bloggers, too.

Please forgive me!

Adam Barnett said...

Someone help me out. What is baal saying? I can't keep up with you kids, what with your MTV and toaster strudels....

Sea_of_Green said...

Adam, you've fallen victim to a meme tag. All of the gory details are at A Trout In The Milk. :-)

And THANKS for the nearly-naked Daredevil posting! Woo hoo!

SallyP said...

And another thanks for the half-nekkid Daredevil! At first I thought it was just a coloring error.

Yes, not only did DC bring out Millenium in Trade form, but I BOUGHT IT! It is hilarious if you read it with a certain jaundiced attitude and a lot of alcohol.