Monday, August 18, 2008

History of the Future Monday!

So, when I'm talking about Legion stories that have been printed in the past, but still take place in the future, do I still speak of them in past tense? That's probably not on your SAT's, but it oughta be.

Hey, here's a rare one from Superboy v1 #195:

Colossal Boy has had more than his share of costumes, that's for sure, but I think this is the only time he appeared in this one. Not his best, but not his worst. Do you think they were trying to rip off Goliath's look in Avengers?

Another grammar question. If the Terminator kills you, you are terminated, right? If Validus kills you....

.... are you validated?

From Adventure Comics #380:

Yeah, if you're overweight, all you can hope to be is comic relief. You might as well go with it.

No, hold on. I think her power is useless, unless you want a dame yappin' in each ear at the same time. But hey, it doesn't matter if a girl has no practical value, as long as she's eye candy. Am I right?

Well, I stand corrected. Apparently, Duo Damsel is good for catchin' and killin' rabbits! That's (a) a very disturbing thought and (b) puts her on the Usefulness Meter right above Elmer Fudd.

Or a dachshund.

I caught a few movies this weekend:

I know, you didn't see Prince Caspian because it was out while Iron Man was in the theaters, but don't let it get away. It's a smart, breathtaking, thought-provoking, exciting, glorious film that manages the impossible by being every bit as good as the first Chronicles of Narnia movie. It's at it's second run, so you can probably catch it at the dollar theater near you, and it's a big-screener if ever there was one.

Also saw Delirious on DVD with Steve Buscemi. This was a good indie flick, although it wasn't "achingly funny" like was promised on the cover. It's an interesting watch. Once. I wouldn't buy it, but rent it when you feel like watching a movie where you have to devote a few brain cells.

And in the opposite corner, Harold & Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay requires no brain cells at all, and unlike Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, that's a bad thing. Where White Castle was a guilty pleasure that might take you back to your wilder college days, Guantanamo Bay will take you back to the seventh grade locker room. 'Nuff said. Shoulda' stopped at the first toke, dudes! Y'all avoid it!

See you tomorrow!


Aaron Carine said...

Yes, fat people are only admitted to the Legion for a gag,and women are only allowed in if they're really hot.
How progressive the 30th century is!

Allergy said...

"Hey Fatso, could you quit bouncing around while we're talking? It's really annoying."

"Just sit there and look pretty, dollface. I'm not done talking yet anyway and I know you don't have anything important to say."

Jake said...

One of my favourite parts about the recent Legion cartoon was to show that Bouncing Boy's ability was pretty useless until you combined it with the ability to start flying at will, in which case he can just ram himself into enemies over and over again at high speeds.

Really I think Bouncing Boy and Triplicate Girl have awesome powers when you see them on the screen, but they don't translate well into comics.

smelloffail said...

As much as I would like too disagree with Bouncing Boy's logic, names like Lindsay, Paris, and Kim pop up in my mind and foil everything. (Sad, some of these broads aren't even pretty.) So, Duo Damsel is already a step up-she can go huntin' and with her barehands. I don't Elmer ever went without his gun.

Perhaps, she should think about using those skills on her enemies and changing her name to Serial Killer Lass or Strangling Girl.