Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Free Streaming Dark Knight Wednesday!

The other day, my local library advised me that a DVD I had requested had come in.

The movie? Atonement.

It's a British romance.

It's a romance.

And it's British.

I'm sure I had requested it when I was in trouble with Beloved over something, but I'd have to still be on the hot seat if I'm going to sit through that.

So, what did we watch? Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. Again.

But enough of me! You are here to get a free gander at The Dark Knight! As always, I have spared no expense to be the first to bring you the greatest superhero movie ever made, free for your viewing pleasure:

Hmmmmmm. Apparently, I need to make a few phone calls. That Joker was still better than Jack Nicholson's version, though.

It can only be time to look at All-Star Comics #9!

Notice how they have Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern right there on the cover. In the comic itself? Not a bit.

Si, Senor Atom! We welcome both unusually-short you and unusually-short Al Pratt to Santiago at the same time, and will accept your lame excuse that Senor Pratt is at the movies. In Santiago, we also employ El Rulo de Hogshooter Oklahoma!

I stand corrected:

The Flash did make an appearance for this creepy PSA about a kid who is way too happy to be on the receiving end of an iron lung. I hope no one at the hospital needed an iron lung!

Johnny Thunder, the Original Ugly American.

Um.... Johnny, the only word they actually said in Spanish was "si."

Some characters can pull off the groan-inducing quip....

Dr. Fate isn't one of them.

Science-types shouldn't make jokes, either. Have you ever heard a doctor tell a joke? There's a reason.

More Dark Knight? You betcha! As is now custom, the end trailers had some surprises, including cameos by Superman, Wonder Woman and Spider-Man! Can you believe I'm the first to mention it?

Be sure to tough it out until the end, and listen to the horrible lyrics they put over "Surfin' Safari."

Now is the time in which we dance!


Aaron Carine said...

In the second panel of the Atom strip,it looks like the guy on the right is throwing up.

Allergy said...

This looks about the same vintage as the Adam West Batman, which, to be fair to whatever country this is from, wasn't much better.

(disclaimer: this comment applies only to the first video)

dan said...

Wow, the Joker is really gung-ho about being afraid of God.

Anonymous said...

XD I love how they kept having Robbat jump off the the building and them ending in "SPLATT!" XD @ bat-tea too.

The Mad Tinkerer said...

"Can I offer you anything to drink? How about some bat milk?"

"Does it come from some kind of Bat-cow?"

"No, it's actual bat milk."

"I think I'll pass."

"How about some bat juice?"

"Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm going to run screaming from the batcave now."