Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Double-Dog Daredevilin' Tuesday!

Check out what the Silver Samurai says on the front cover of Daredevil v1 #111:

I hate to pick, but if you're dead, how are you going to be capable of telling anyone who killed you? Are you supposed to write a note and pin in to your chest or something? The Silver Samurai wanted you to know that he's the one who killed my sorry ass!

From Daredevil v1 #109:

If I read narrative that uses the words "soft," silky," supple," form-fitting" and "sheath" in the same sentence, I get a little uncomfortable if there's only a dude in the picture.

From Daredevil v1 #110:

Check it out. A half-page apology for raising prices to twenty-five cents. At three bucks a whack these days, someone should be committing Harri Kari.

From Daredevil v1 #114:

Foggy must not get very many calls. I think the next time someone calls my house, I'm going to shout "THE PHONE!" at the top of my lungs and hurl myself at it. I predict the second time I do it, Beloved will be filing divorce papers.

From Daredevil v1 #115:

Mind you, Marvel introduced new characters all the freakin' time back in the day. Why they thought Wolverine, who would only be a third wheel in the Hulk's fight against the Wendigo, was worthy of promoting in other mags is anyone's guess. He disappeared pretty quickly after he was introduced, and would have languished in obscurity along with the Texas Twister if he hadn't been revived in the new X-Men team years later.

Oddly enough, I think what had been "demanded" by readers was just a Canadian superhero. I didn't know we ever felt obliged to pay any attention to Canada's demands on any front, but Stan's always been all heart, especially when there's a buck to be made.

I've never seen another ad promoting that particular issue. That's kinda cool.


Johnny said...

hehehe, they said Mile-High. Did it mean the same then as it did now?
And is it just me, or is...THE DOORBELL!

Anonymous said...

Harri Kari? Umm did you mean hara-kiri? Either way, it's funny for me to see them to be sorry about having to charge an extra nickel when it's not bus fare-a daily expense that adds up quickly. The thought is nice though.

Aaron Carine said...

Hey,they were wise to promote him,since he became one of their most popular characters. You don't argue with success,as Ronald Reagan said.

sinisterdan said...

I yell at the phone when it doesn't ring.

My wife is getting very mad at me.

SallyP said...

"if I read narrative that uses the words 'soft', 'silky', 'supple', 'form-fitting' an 'sheath' in the same sentence, i get a little uncomfortable if there's only a dude in the picture".

Adam, I get shocked...and then excited.

I am afraid that I DO yell "The Phone" at my house, as in..."You're sitting right next to it, and I'm three rooms away! Pick it UP, already!"

Allergy said...

As a technology dude, I believe I'm going to change the ringtone on my cell phone to my voice yelling "The phone!" And then watch the people back away from me.

I'm admittedly curious about the internal monologue leading up to that. Do wounds from blind people heal more slowly than other wounds??

Aaron Carine said...

As far as I can tell,Foggy was saying that there are things he can do better than Matt even though he(Foggy)was wounded.

Gene Phillips said...

All this stuff about hara-kiri reminds me of my favorite "Oldtimer's FRACTURED FAIRY TALES Joke That I Didn't Get When I Was a Kid:"

1st character: I'm going out and end it all! I'm going to commit Hoot Gibson!

2nd character: I think you mean Harry Carey.

Anonymous said...

Since when is the sky the element of a samurai, silver or otherwise?