Friday, August 8, 2008

Fashion Fever Friday!

I've recently watched all three Mission: Impossible movies (yes, with Tom Cruise), and I've got to tell you: I would totally buy a Mission: Impossible comic. Has anyone seen the original television series? If so, let me know what you think in the comments!

This is one of three cool covers from Superboy v1. Check out # 176:

Why is it awesome? Because, if you enlarge it, I think Smallville in the background is a transposed photo. Bonus points to anyone who recognizes that street!

From Superboy v1, #147: I'm beginning to understand why Lightning Lad's brother was evil. Because even though he's missing on who-knows-what planet, you can tell by the expressions on their faces that his parents could not possibly care less where he is.

Those two other cool Superboy covers I promised? Right here:

First, #183 and #172, respectively:

Because the only thing better than talking gorillas...

is Superbaby plus talking gorillas! And it isn't even my birthday!

Legion fanboys all know that Legionnaires love to change their look from time to time, and future fashion often isn't promising.

Here's a couple that I hadn't seen until recently, courtesy of Superboy v1 #183:

Karate Kid has a rather stylish monochromatic thing going on here, but what's with that chest emblem? It looks like a shadow puppet. You totally see it. Don't try and tell me you don't.

Princess Projectra seems to have found this look at the local Interplanetary Goodwill Store, while Shadow Lass is going with the "Middle Eastern concubine" motif. Oh, snap! Also, check out how Projectra's emblem is a crown. She is a princess, bitches, and she won't let you forget it!

Costume Hall of Shame for all of you.

See you Monday!


Nick Danger said...

Karate Kid's outfit makes him look like he's in a cult! Don't drink the Kool-aid!

Jake said...

Wasn't Colossal Boy's green and yellow costume from around this time so horrible that in a flashback to this era it was changed to his slightly less horrible red and blue one?

Adam Barnett said...

I'm loathe to admit it.... but I groove on Colossal Boy's red and blue.

I even found the green and yellow one kinda cool in its own way...

SallyP said...

I can't believe you didn't show Cosmic Boy and his pink corset!

Aaron Carine said...

I think Karate Kid's "hand" emblem is meant to represent choking the chicken.

Jack Norris said...

The "Mission Impossible" TV series is surprisingly slow-moving from today's perspective. A few years back, a bunch of friends and I watched for the first time since we were kids (it hadn't been rerun in our area since its initial showing) and couldn't believe how much we found ourselves yelling "get on with it!" Pretty much the most exiting parts of each episode were the destruction of the orders and the titles.

Adam Barnett said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Jack! I have the attention span of a hummingbird so that probably isn't for me. Ah, well... the movies were good, although I think the last one lost money (which it shouldn't have because it was great) so we probably won't get another.

Oh, sallyp.... do you *really* think I'm gonna let any of the Legion get away with those outfits? :-)

De said...

I think I'd equate the pacing of the first Mission: Impossible TV series to be similar to the early Bond movies (particularly Dr. No). I don't mind it but I'm pretty slow in general ;-)

Jack Norris said...

No, I'd say the early Bond's, while seemingly slow next to current music-video-edited action movies, are very well-paced and still exciting unless one is under twelve. I'm not hooked on quick-cutting and ADD-influenced film making, often a slower pace can be rewarding, but the original M:I just does not qualify. It's in a class by itself when it comes to interminable, repetitive, time-wasting scenes, in a way that resembles early Bond (or for that matter most other 60s spy genre stuff) little if at all.
Sorry if I seem to be overreacting, but I really must disagree. I love early Bond, and none of it has the exhausting padding of this show.

Johnny said...

i agree with Jack on this.
Early Bond compared to modern Bond is slower, of course, but still not AS slow

Gene Phillips said...

Princess Projectra is one of those rare female characters who actually looks sexier the more covered-up she is, as in her classic 60s outfit.

She's sort of a teen Grace Kelly type there, only showing a decorous amount of skin but basically giving the reader the allure of exotic hauteur.

The costume she wears here could be pretty much worn by any superheroine, crown or no crown. Also, it looks like they pumped up her rack, which seems a little insulting. Slender babes are still babes.

De said...

What about The Man from UNCLE?