Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moral Decay Tuesday!

From Adventure Comics #380:

Now this is the kind of bad guy you want to see again. His scheme fails, so he kills his assistant while shooting himself in the face. Let's see Wolverine do that, and I'll quit calling him overrated.

By Adventure Comics #381, Supergirl started taking the lead role:

Super-intuition? Women's intuition is a myth, a fabrication that women are more emotionally aware of their surroundings than their male counterparts. The fact that this is super-intuition makes this super-stupid.

Now if she has a super-menstrual cycle, I'll accept that.

Also from Adventure Comics #381. Dude, I don't think you hypnotize people that way. Granted, they'll have a hard time looking away, but it's more because you're wearing a unitard with a bunch of little mirrors stuck on it.

Just like I showed you last week, comic companies used to apologize for price increases. Not to be left out, here's DC's plea for forgiveness. If you had told me back then that a comic would ever be more than a dollar a pop, I would have smacked you upside your head.

Nowadays, I just cry.

See you tomorrow!


Baal said...

A) There is such a thing as intuition, where you aren't aware of picking up clues from your environment and processing them subconsciously to the point where they pop back into your head as guide posts and such. It's just taken more seriously with women thus its name.

2) Super menstrual cycle? Good god, but you created a torrent of disturbing images, especially if Kara is pinned down and needs to do SOMETHING to take out The Villain...

Railbus said...

Let me get this straight: THREE guys gifted with the power of super-speed (alright, alright, two with super-speed and one with ultra-speed---let's not digress...) and not one of them can grab the gun in the time it takes to say "No! Wait! We're not going to..."?!?

Evil Twin said...

oh man, just had a read through all your posts.
Wonderful blog.
Faved! :-)

SallyP said...

Not only does the bad guy kill himself, but he's darned polite about it.

But do NOT mock my super-intuition!

De said...

Since today has been a Supergirl kind of day, I figured I could ask this.

A couple of years ago, a co-worker and I had a discussion about why there's only Superman and Supergirl as the last survivors of Krypton. My co-worker couldn't understand why they just didn't get together and have super babies. Of course I retorted with the "Ewww, because it's your cousin" defense.

What do you guys think?

Adam Barnett said...

Yeah, de.... I think it might be cool to have more Kryptonians running around, but not with webbed feet and tails. We ain't in Arkansas, you know!

Love you, Arkansas!

Bunche said...

To say nothing of Supergirl being what, like fourteen or fifteen when she originally showed up?