Thursday, August 7, 2008

Uncanny Xposition Thursday!

Before I forget, grab the Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag mini. And why wasn't I informed about the equally-awesome Salvation Run mini until last week? Bad guys fighting bad guys is always worth reading!

Check out the awesome cover of X-Men #19 (apparently they weren't Uncanny yet... whoops!). Am I the only one who thought the Mimic was awesome? I know, he was just a mutant version of the ultra-dull Super-Adaptoid, but he rocked it.


From X-Men #17:

Wow, Iceman is quite the Chatty Cathy when he's unconscious, isn't he?

This was a big enough goober that even Stan Lee couldn't deny it and he put it in the Mighty Marvel No-Prize Book. See it? Professor X is right up the Beast's ass about keeping his identity a secret, and then calls Hank by his last name. The Professor makes himself look even dumber when he gets all pious in the next panel about the tragic state of humanity that forces the X-Men to hide their identities. You know what helps keep an identity a secret? If you don't blurt it out in front of third parties!

Yeah, I know.... the classics never die.

Thank you for visiting the Magneto Bed & Breakfast. Should you require anything, don't bother me with it lest I magnetically wrench the blood from your veins. Extra towels are in the linen closet at the end of the hall.


Johnny said...

Magneto's pad seems cool, i might see if i can get a reservation!

Josh said...

What is up with Magneto's package?

De said...

I think Magneto means to summon them for a threesome.

Aaron Carine said...

The Mimic decided to ice up the railing he was balancing on hundreds of feet above the ground?

Adam Barnett said...

He was just showing how awesome he was, aaron . . . between the feet of the Beast and the Angel's wings, he was showing that he could beat the X-Men even standing on a slippery railing.

Yeah, let's go with that....

Joe S. Walker said...

I kind of liked the old Super-Adaptoid. He seemed to be forever scrapping with different heroes when all he really wanted to do was be left alone and get on with destroying Captain America.