Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Corpse in the Corner Tuesday!

From All-Star Comics #20:

There, there.... confide in the shirtless man wearing the feathered helmet.

We've been robbed! A man is dead!

Dammit, my dinner is getting cold!

But, honey... this will bankrupt us.... and our loyal employee has been killed!

Oh, you've always got an excuse!

You know a girl like this. You might even be married to her.

But don't worry. This has a happy ending:

Best. Death scene. Ever.

Best. Dialogue. Ever.

That was quite the tragic death. Well, gotta run!

Seriously, who gets stuck getting rid of the corpse in the corner of our headquarters? I'm betting they dump it off on Wonder Woman....

See you tomorrow!


Thomas Fummo said...

that fourth panel made me bust my gut laughing.

where do you find this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Well, at least she didn't try to feed "his meat" to "the guests"...

Sea-of-Green said...

And we won't even mention Johnny's, er, THUNDERBOLT.

Aaron Carine said...

Was "my meat" the 40s version of "my
bitch" or did he actually intend to eat Johny?

SallyP said...

The old Justice Society just had such a wonderfully blase' attitude towards everything. Monsters, war, death, cold suppers, molestation...they greet it all with a yawn and a shrug.

But I'm SURE that they dumped the body on Wonder Woman. Cleaning up and taking minutes is woman's work after all.

Anonymous said...

It's good that when hubby calls his wife that he'll be late for dinner because he's been robbed and a guy's been murdered, there are telephone lines between the two panels. They must be magic telephone lines, because wifey is clearly using a cordless phone back in the 1940s. Those JSA stories sure were ahead of their time.

Oh, Wonder Woman, when you're done retyping the meeting minutes and cleaning the bathroom, get rid of the corpse, because that's, y'know, woman's work.

great stuff! Love it!

Anonymous said...

The "mystery meat" business explained.

Or not.