Thursday, August 23, 2007

Character Hall of Fame - Black Adam

I just finished all 52 issues of 52 and the accompanying World War III mini. I know you all have long-since read it, but I like to read these things all in one fell swoop.

Black Adam rocks. Check out his defiance. Send out the entire DCU - he doesn't care! He's got an industrial-sized drum of Whoop-Ass for ya!

But check out the expression on Mary Marvel's face. Let me embiggen:

What is up with the expression on her face? I'd swear she was about to cough up a hairball.

Black Adam puts the pun back in punishment.

Um.... this is off-topic, but why is Aquaman defending a seafood restaurant? Wasn't he on speaking terms with the Blue Plate Special?


Mike Haseloff said...

The past two years have seen Black Adam rise to the top of comics, sadly more Namor than Namor!


SallyP said...

Omygod, they just ate some of his finny friends! Shouldn't he be tearing it apart?

De said...

I'm currently reading the 52 novel and am curious how Greg Cox handles the whole face-ripping thing. I guess I could skip ahead but that would be cheating :)