Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fantastic Four Sex! Yeah, sex!

Hi, Googlers!

I know some guys like an assertive woman, but are you really allowed to comment on your prospect's skin color? I mean, is that ever really okay? I know she's green and everything herself, but really.... is that ever a good idea when trying to get someone to go out with you?

Don't think that passion ends at marriage. Reed and Sue have been married for over 200 issues by this point, and Sue still takes time to.... well, make herself look like the Amish. Poor Reed.

I'd never say it to his face, though. I'd be saying things like, "Wow, Reed! You get to tap that every night! You lucky bastard!" I'm a cool cat that way.


Jeremy Rizza said...

It's a good thing Wyatt didn't dye his hair blond, or else he'd look like a prostitute.

SallyP said...

Oh poor Sue. That is the most hideous haircut I have ever seen...and I include Superman's mullet.

Ethan said...

I love when my wife gets dressed all frumpy, gets a horrible haircut, and speaks to me in an oddly technical sans serif font.