Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Water Safety Monday!

Sure, summer is almost over, but it's still dang hot! Sooooooo, let's learn water safety with Aquaman!

You know, they say there are some people who really just want to date themselves. Guess there's some truth to it. But c'mon, Aquaman! Focus!

So, what do you suppose Wolfie's plan was, exactly? I mean, if he's rescued, he'll look like a little baby who can't swim, and that's hardly going to make the chicks swoon. He should keep going with that asshat thing, though. Chicks dig that.

Right, Aquaman? Aquaman?

Dang it, Aquaman! Focus!


Will said...

I don't think Wolfie ever considered that if Susie noticed him, she would also notice his misshapen head and horribly mismatched eyes. And, as we already learned, unless he has a really sharp car, that's just going to end badly.

And I thought I understood where Aquaman was going with this, until he started talking about bringing his "finny friends" into it. I suppose that's a natural fetish for him, though, isn't it?

SallyP said...

Oh he just HAD to bring his "finny friends" into it. It's no fun if they aren't watching.