Thursday, August 9, 2007

Roadside Assitance

You know, Aquaman doesn't get a lot of respect, but he's clearly a nice guy. Here he is, acting like the seafaring version of AAA. Do you think Batman would pull over and help you if you had a flat tire? I think not.


Will said...

A nice guy, granted, but still a bit slow. He's been watching it go around in circles for hours? Didn't he start to suspect trouble after the second go-round?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Aquaman is nothing if not thorough -- and probably bored out of his mind, too. Watching that boat might be the only entertainment he gets all month :)

Take it and run.

Jeremy Rizza said...

I love that he's just floating, resting his arm on a goddamn shark. That right there can increase your coolness factor about 3000%. (Disclaimer: Aquaman is a professional superhero. Do not attempt.)