Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Human Top's Plans Cannot Be Upset by the Wasp's Silly Displays of Emotion!

Going back to Tales to Astonish, we see the return of the Human Top in issue #68.  And apparently this was such an amazing thing that they dragged it out for two issues.  Let's just spare ourselves unnecessary suffering and go straight to issue #69, where Hank and Jan are still talking like they're in a romance novel:

This is a new look for the Human Top, who looked this way when he first appeared:

And it was kind of a cool idea, what with having a guy whose speed and agility exploited the inherent clumsiness of a giant.

But then I saw how he looked when he wasn't spinning:

Yeah, I'm out when you put a large green onion-shaped helmet on your head.  I understand the utility of the design, but.... no.

Anyway, this was his new look, complete with poncho!

I'm not sure what purpose the poncho served other than to flutter about while he spun.

Anyway, Hanks getting all angsty...

And then everyone gets melodramatic:

And then we get a Random Slap! (tm!)

Note that the Marvel Bullpen did not want you kids to think this okay!  Good people don't hit women like Jan...

Man.  Poor Jan really got the worst of it at times, didn't she?

For those of you non-comic geeks, you may remember this is Hank hitting Jan decades later.

See you tomorrow!


Erich said...

Before the costume change, I remember there was another Giant-Man story where the Giant-Man Fan Club members were cosplaying as his enemies. One of them was wearing a Human Top costume that prompted one of the other fans to say "You look more like the Human Turnip!"

Cflmaior said...

Adam, methinks the helmet was shaped to look as a children's spinning top, although inverted (hence justifying his wearer's sobriquet). But, onions, turnips and other botanical items apart, the poncho donned by our anti-hero served the same purpose as a ballerina's tutu, that is, imparting impression of movement (just look at his pirouette on the cover of Tales to Astonish #50: were Human Top to be drawn wearing his complete apparel, it would be akin to Baryshnikov in White Nights [1985] !).

Unknown said...

Welcome back, Adam! I only just discovered that you were posting again and have been indulging in a mini archive binge to get myself caught up. Damn but I missed you and your comic book shenanigans.