Friday, March 4, 2016

Giant Man Karate Chops while Bruce Banner Enjoys Drugs

Back on the Tales to Astonish track with issue #68 and a whole lot of romantic angst:

Know what Hank did?  He yelled at Jan for dropping something important in his lab.  That's it.  And she's gone forever.  Dames is trouble. (tm!)

Cue the angst!

Yeah, Stan Lee wrote a few romance comics in his day.  Can you tell?

Like I said... Dames is trouble. (tm!)

But since her name is in the title of the feature, we can't be without the Wasp for long:

It not only paralyzes Jan, but it inexplicably turns her hair blonde!  Watch what happens when Hank shuts it off! 


On to the Hulk story! 

Another good reason is that tranquilizers are yummy and they make you feel goooooooooood all over!  Don't do drugs, kids!  Drugs are bad!  But that doesn't include prescription drugs, because big pharmaceutical companies got to keep the lights on, know what I mean?

This message has been brought to you by the pharmaceutical industry.

Meanwhile, Rick Jones is still getting on my nerves: 

Is there no other Avengers I.D. card than "top priority?"  Somehow, I don't think Rick Jones and Captain America should have the same access pass.

Here's a guest appearance by Lydon Johnson's back!

Hmmmmm... Banner is being held by the military, so isn't the President the Commander in Chief of the military?  I don't see him having to call in too many favors.

And the Hulk fights the Leader's humanoids, just like he did the previous issue. 

Only there's more of them, so... I don't know.  It's not exactly a critical story in the history of the Hulk, but since it was only half of a 12 cent comic, you probably really couldn't complain.

And if it took the Hulk four minutes to form a thought, he has a lot better power of concentration than I have.  I've only been typing for ten minutes and I've already forgotten the Giant Man story.

See you Monday, my lovelies!

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