Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Batman Asks that You Please Hold Your Applause... Unless It's Lusty

Take a look at the title for the cover story of Batman #165:

I had no idea quitting the human race was an option.  There are days I would totally take you up on it.

Have you heard about Batman's physical prowess?  Well, he's happy to tell you about it:

Your "tip-top physical condition"?  Well, toot toot, Batman!

And then there was this:

I'm not sure what "lusty" applause sounds like.  I would expect a lot of heaving breathing and the like.



And finally....

The conflict would rage on for years.  Many would join their respective causes, and many would die. But they would die at peace, knowing that they were giving their all for an ideal greater than themselves.  'Twas all at once the most tragic yet triumphant of times... a time of different-flavored fudge.

Okay, it was silly.  But I think vanilla fudge actually sounds kinda good.  And wasn't there a band called Vanilla Fudge?

Hey, there was!  And they were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon some years back:


See you tomorrow! 


Cflmaior said...

Regretting that I have only my trusty Webster's New International (1947 ed.) to back me up - wampum being somewhat scarce for the 2006 LARGE PRINT version, motives for buying which I won't disclose - , I'll quote : "LUSTY, adj.; ... 2. Exhibiting a wealthy vitality; full of life and vigor; sturdy."

And, let us remember that just ten years almost to the day after this issue went on newsstands, with Batman's bewilderment and all, "Police Woman", starring Angie Dickinson, premièred in CBS.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Maybe you are both right. Decades ago, the White Sox newcaster always said the batter had "a lusty 48 RBIs" or "a lusty 200 home runs" for the year. I guess these ball players would be breathing heavy at times.

And don't forget LADY COP from 1st ISSUE SPECIAL, with Gail Simone using her in the Ryan Choi Atom series.

(Know Adam, tomorrow will be yet another Boy Meets Girl.) :)

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

*Knowing Adam"

Adam Barnett said...

Actually, nope! We've got a trifecta of Captain America taking us into next week... and then a look at one of the strangest origins I've ever seen.

But Boy Meets Girl is always there when I need it! Don't make me drag out those last few issues of U.S.71!