Monday, February 23, 2015

Your Manhood as Defined by Your Cigarette Case

Because I know how much you loooooooove when I talk about ads and loooooooooove Boy Meets Girl Comics even more, let's look at this hilarious ad I found in Boy Meets Girl Comics #9!

Because nothing says sophistication and high romance like a lady puffing a 'gert.

For some reason, that's making me laugh.  Smoke that bent 'gert, lady!  If John can find you a match!

Oooooooo... shown up by a guy who had straight 'gerts and a light.  That's gotta hurt!

Yes, indeed!  A real man always has straight 'gerts and lights.

Check this out:

23 Karat Gold, eh?  This must be a quality item!  Wonder what it's made of?

Well... I stand corrected.

Say... your cigarette case.... is that plastic MOTTLED?

Why yes... yes it is.

What a man! 

Sorry.  It amused me.  That's gonna happen.

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