Monday, September 8, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen.... Jackie Wilson and Charlie Daniels.

And we're back!  Let's get right back into the swing of things with this little bit from Action Comics #440:

My initial thought was that we could be a bit more helpful in our descriptions than "super-duper."  But then I saw the logic: A tank is a problem, a "super" tank is a serious problem, and a "super-duper" tank means you evacuate the area.  It makes perfect sense if you think about it.

On to Golden Age Captain America Comics #7.  This issue not only had a villain called "the Toad" (predating the X-Men's version by around 20 years), but there was also a guy called "the Fiddler":

In addition to playing the fiddle, he also apparently grew fangs:

I wish he'd quit saying, "higher."  Now I have this stuck in my head:

Anyhoo, the point is that this is the third villain I've found that went by the name, not counting the Violinist.  Want to hear the punch line?  This guy is the one I hadn't heard of, and he came about before the other two!

Which begs the question:

Well, Cap was kind of useless there.

If a publisher kills off a character, does that in any way affect the trademark?  Is the character abandoned?  I would think not, but it sure didn't slow anyone down in this case.  Maybe since he was a "one and done" bad guy, Marvel didn't care.  But the other Fiddlers were very similar to this dude, so kudos to Marvel for not filing stupid lawsuits.

Take us out, Charlie Daniels!  See you tomorrow!

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