Friday, September 12, 2014

A Bullet Skids Off Batman's Ribs... Because He's BATMAN, That's Why!

Let's end the week with a few final dandies from Batman #5!

"For the first time Batman knows rage"?  What about the time when he was a kid and his parents were murdered in front of him?  Did that fall under the category of "minor annoyance"?


Hmmmm... considering the good doctor was going to slam the door in Batman's face before Batman gave him a shakedown, I'm pretty sure it's the threats and not the doctor's sudden recollection of his duty under the Hippocratic Oath that's getting him motivated.  Welcome to the American Health Care System!

Hey!  Let's Learn Due Process with Batman! (tm!)

 I beat this confession right out of him!  THAT'LL hold up in court, won't it?

This has been another installment of Let's Learn Due Process with Batman! (tm!)

And then there was that time Batman had to be saved by a nurse beating on a thug with her high-heeled shoe:

I'm not an expert on the subject, but did nurses ever wear high-heeled shoes?  I thought they wore comfortable flats since they were on their feet all the time.

This ain't Angie's List, but if you ever need a guy to help you rob a bank, I'd heartily recommend the services of Mike Grogan.  He's punctual, dresses appropriately, and...

Oh.  Never mind.

See you Monday!

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