Thursday, October 3, 2013

Superman Says, "Hop on the Welfare Wagon!"

In light of the U.S. Government shutdown, I thought we might want to hear some perspective from Superman himself, courtesy of Action Comics #169:

Wow!  Regardless of where you fall on the whole issue, it's interesting to see a comic editorializing like that.  It was certainly a different time!

Meanwhile, in Green Lantern volume 1, #14:

I don't know about you, but I would buy the heck out of a comic that was nothing but Walter and Mabel arguing.  Just arguments... no making up, no resolutions, just 27 pages of them bickering with each other, and I'll happily plop down a few bucks.

See you tomorrow!


Gummboote said...

These days Mr Stanton would be a birther - and even then, wasn't Superman an illegal immigrant?

Adam Barnett said...

Good question... I'm not up on my Superman history... but I'm pretty sure he made his origin public, so was he ever officially granted U.S. Citizenship?

PhineasBg (Jay) said...

In the Byrne reboot he was technically born in America. That's been retconned, though.

Buzz said...

dagnabbit!! Those darn hospitals and their pesky ways! Always pokin' into my wilda-berries and sniffin' round the pork preserves!!

Everyone knows that you only get to live up until you get a cold!

Kids today!

MarvelX42 said...

Two thirty PM, I jumped off the welfare wagon.