Monday, October 21, 2013

Hi, Big Shot!

Continuing our look at Pep Comics #29, let's savor the many facial expressions of Archie Andrews:

That's right.  Drink it in.

I also noticed in this issue that the Hangman had a power that was fairly unique: A cape that would disappear and reappear at random times.  Thusly:

I didn't say it was a particularly helpful power.

Meanwhile, a trifecta of Random Sucker Punches! (tm!) from Startling Comics #19:

A) I am going to say "Hi, Big Shot!" to someone today and B) I'm not sure, but I think the punch knocked the guy's head clean off his body.  "UG," indeed!

Well, if you wear breeches in the country like that, you kind of get what you get.

I don't know if that's actually a Random Sucker Punch (tm!) because an object was used, but I love it when people say, "Take that!"

See you tomorrow!

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