Friday, October 18, 2013

Dusty, the Spectacular Bystander

Ah, it's good to be back!  Let's celebrate with a look at Pep Comics #27:

Singing never looks right in comics.  But they did it a lot back in the Golden Age.

WHOA!  I'm not touching that one.

Did I mention they loved to show singing?

I presume he's either standing in the glow of a light somewhere or he has megadosed on carotene.

Good idea, Shield!  Since today seems to be all about singing, let's check out The Cure!

Okay, that's not what he probably meant.

He's a Nazi spy, Dusty!  Kick him in the nards!

Um... Dusty?  You on vacation or something?

I'm not suggesting I'm a hero by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems like Dusty is off to a slow start there...

Great, Boy Detective!  It's a shame you couldn't have done that moments ago when you were standing right next to him and it was revealed that he was a Nazi spy.

But apparently, Dusty did not beat him to a pulp, because we had this encounter a few pages later:

Okay, Dusty!  To review: He's got a gun and he just shot a defenseless old man, so you should probably act while you've still got the element of sur-


THERE!  Was that so hard?

You mustn't die, Paul!  Lest the Shield find out I may be a "spectacular boy detective," but that really doesn't translate into combat skills!


See you Monday!


Buzz said...

was that technically a disembodied head there singing?

not quite sure what to make of it.

it does have a hand pointing up in the air, so i guess whether or not it is disembodied could be a matter of debate.

it's confusing.

"dusty, tell grand-pere that i think you are a total failure... good bye, cruel world..."

Adam Barnett said...

Ha! "Tell Grand-Pere that you should be placed on probation at your next performance review!"

MarvelX42 said...

Well, the FIRST time I can understand. I would hope that Dusty wouldn't just instantly attack someone simply on a single persons word. If a hero was known for that I could just imagine the pranks that were pulled on him. Hmm, this person is bagging my grocery's to slowly. Dusty they are an evil alien in disguise! Dusty leaps over the counter and clobbers the guy. That will teach him to bag my grocery's that slow. KnowhatImean?

Buzz said...

"tell Grand-Pere that you are no longer eligible for additional sick leave and bonuses under the previous fiscal year's incentive program..."