Monday, July 1, 2013

The Whole Town is Talking... If You Live in a Town of Nerds.

And, back we are!

I have been trying valiantly to go through the Fantomah stories in Jungle Comics, but I've got to tell you that it's quite the snore ever since they de-emphasized the horror elements of the title.

And, since I'm Adam, I got distracted by this ad:

Okay, either those people are really small, or that is one huge comic.  I mean, it could be used as a comforter for a king-sized bed.  But more to the point, I'm not only impressed with the enthusiasm (not to mention their use of "the test of the pudding is the eating"), but I now have this on my "must find and read" list for no other reason than the feature, "Private Pippin and the Colonel's Daughter."  And that's for obvious reasons, although I'm sure it won't be nearly as randy as I've built it up in my mind.

And isn't it funny that "a dime's worth" used to be a compliment?

But back to Fantomah:

"A white is in trouble?"

So, if it were....

... never mind.

Leave it alone, Adam.  Just leave it alone.

There.  He said it, so I don't have to.

And then Fantomah takes a totally weird turn.  Instead of taking place in the jungle, she's seems to be the director of some Egyptian homeowner's association:

She sounds a bit judgmental there.  I mean, they aren't the ones doing the threatening with the panther. Don't act like you don't see it.

Man.  I'm tempted to go back to those unread issues of U.S.1... but I won't!  Yet.

See you tomorrow!

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