Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Superman Poisoned His Own Dog as a Child

Here's a dandy from Robert Gillis.  Robert and sPat give me some of my best stuff.  It helps to have a fresh set of eyes going over material, because I totally missed this when I was reading Adventure Comics years ago for this blog.

Robert indicated he found this in Superman Family #164, but I'm pretty sure this was originally printed in Adventure Comics #272.

The gist of it is that Krypto has become a movie star after appearing in three quickly-made movies and it went to his head.

Because he's a dog.  

I have a few dogs right now.  One has a lot of anxiety issues because it lost it's home and seems to be waiting for the day that its luck runs out and it finds itself back on the street.  One dog is a lovable, rotund fellow who has no facial expressions but will lean into you and audibly groan as you pet him.

Now, let me tell you about the poodle.

Alf, or "Poodle" as we tend to call him, is a great dog in many respects.  On the rare occasion that I've been ill, he insisted on laying next to me for hours and hours to protect me from predators.  He barks at any and all invaders, including helicopters.  Despite being ten pounds, he has successfully prevented any helicopters from landing in my back yard.  He is a plucky, wonderful little guy.

And he's something of a jerk.

He's never had a hard day in his life and thinks that things will always be just great because there's no reason to think otherwise.  That gives him gobs of confidence.

And that sometimes results in behavior that is rather unseemly.  He's been known to get a scolding for growling at other dogs from his perch on our laps.  He refuses to come in when called.  The dog has serious entitlement issues.

And I accept that, because he's a dog.

But not Superham Jr.  Oh, no.  His solution for his dog getting an attitude is to poison his dog:

That, my friends, is just abusive.  I try to run a very open blog with an "everyone is welcome" policy, but if you're a fan of Superham, I really don't want to know.  I can't believe I breezed over this one when I read it.

What a tool.

Thanks, Robert!  

See you tomorrow!


MarvelX42 said...

Krypto was only foolish for trusting Superboy. I mean WTF?!?! BTW does Superboy know that Krypto is fully sentient/sapient? If so he could have just TALKED to him!

Adam Barnett said...

I guess we should be glad Supes didn't get all "Old Yeller" on poor Krypto...

D.B. Echo said...

"Hello, Bruce? Do you still have that gun with the kryptonite bullet around? Could I borrow it this afternoon? I need to...err, take Krypto out to the country."

Adam Barnett said...

HA, D.B.!

Buzz said...

That's not abuse, it's Super Abuse!

"...and knock the conceit out of you!"

I did not know that Krypto had his own private pool, though.

MarvelX42 said...

Seriously......did Superboy know that Krypto was as fully intelligent as a human? Was it ever shown in the comics that he knew?