Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Because Not EVERY Hero Has a Computer in a Cave to Keep a Database of Villains, That's Why!

So I'm not the only person who falls for the "Aunt May is dead" feint... at least in comic book lore.

No, Peter takes it hard, to the point that he's paid a visit by Disembodied Floating Heads (tm!) !

You know, by today's standards, that's really not a bad track record.  The Punisher loses that many loved ones on a daily basis before he's had breakfast.

Anyway, Pete is so upset that here in Amazing Spider-Man # 196, that one of them even starts talking to him:

What's it gotten YOU?  Geez, Nephew... I'M the one who died!  I'm so sorry that my death has been such a downer FOR YOU.

Hey!  Here's a Questionable Strategic Decision! (tm!)

I have this power that enables me to sense when I'm in danger... I think I'll IGNORE it!

A few pages late, Pete has one of those "d'oh!" moments: 

I realize that Aunt May's death gave rise to quite the bout of self-pity, but if Pete can't recognize his old foes... who even have the courtesy to use an alias they've used BEFORE.... well, that's pretty sad.

Who is Dr. Rinehart, friends and neighbors?  What does Dr. Rinehart DO in his true identity as one of Spidey's rogues?  How many of us still think Aunt May is dead?

Quite the cliffhanger, eh?

See you tomorrow!


Aaron Carine said...

Aunt May and Uncle Ben were the only people he ever loved? That means he didn't love Gwen Stacy. He was sure leading that poor kid along for a long time.

Adam Barnett said...

I KNOW, right? That's quite a slam!

Adam Barnett said...

To be fair, though... from what I read, there wasn't a whole lot to Pete's relationship with Gwen. She was a very bland character and Pete didn't really have much passion towards her until the Goblin killed her, which could lead one to believe that his torment regarding her death was based on guilt. If he didn't truly love her, how cruel it was that his relationship with her put her in the line of fire and ultimately brought about her death.

MarvelX42 said...

Maybe he didn't realize that he loved her until she was gone. That is possible.