Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bonus - The Coolest Name Ever

Forest G. Knuckles is a real person.

I don't know him, but he has the coolest name ever. Willard Scott wished him a happy birthday on The Today Show this morning, which means he's over 100 years old. Want to know why he's over 100 years old? Because no one, not even the Grim Reaper himself, jacks with Forest G. Knuckles.

Like it or not, humans are a stupid lot, and we evaluate people based on unimportant things like appearance and impressions rather than character. One of those things that gives an impression is one's own name. Think about it. Rockefeller = wealthy, Cronkite = honest, Bush = the worst thing to happen to America in 40 years.

Pick out a page in the phone book and read down the list of names. If you had to face any one of those people in hand-to-hand combat or a guy named Forest G. Knuckles, who would you pick? You'd go with whoever isn't going through life carrying a badass name like Forest G. Knuckles.

So, happy birthday, Forrest G. Knuckles! You have the greatest name ever!


Sea-of-Green said...

Dick Butkus still has the greatest name EVER for an NFL player. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Greg Killmeister, anyone?

Michael Jones said...

Joe Thighs-mann?