Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Green Arrow, Survivor

Sure, Oliver was a genius with the gadgets. But life wasn't always easy, even in the Golden Age.

Green Arrow, the first superhero with ADD. Where's that Ritalin Arrow when you need it?

Wow.... Oliver never could manage his finances, could he? I mean, we all know about his bankruptcy in the 1960's, but this shows he was floating checks long before it was hip.

But he does have the Greatest Caption Box in the History of Recorded Literature. I don't know what a small shaft has to do with one's hearing, but I'll bet what you're thinking is a lot more entertaining than the real story.


Anonymous said...

Is this sort of like that one about going blind if you masturbate too often?

FoldedSoup said...


Anonymous said...

That has to be the world's dumbest jewel thief.
1. Broad daylight
2. Getaway through window next to the sign saying Acme Jewelry.
3. Store across from a crowded school.
4. Said school having a guest lecture by a super hero.
Yeah, that job had a real hope of success.

Anonymous said...


What? You never heard that one before?

FoldedSoup said...

Nah... just couldn't hear you properly...

SallyP said...


Will said...

Speedy looks super pissed to find out they're broke. He's pretty used to the lap of luxury, I guess.