Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Future's so Bright . . . .

I'm a little late with today's post, but I don't care, because today is the bestest day ever!

Yes, I have finally read through my huge collection of Adventure Comics to get to the holy grail of comic silliness, the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Savor it with me. Check out the full name on the costumes. Apparently in the future, no one uses insignias or emblems. Or, it could be because the Legion got so freakin' huge in later years, it was just easier that way. Nothing more embarrassing than thinking you're summoning Mon-El and getting Matter-Eater Lad.

That is quite a majestic logo you've got there, kids. Apparently the designers of the future see the beauty in Times New Roman font!

This is the worst teacher ever. You know, I don't have my teaching license or anything, but try this: "Okay, kids, the robot's broken, but take my word for it. Superboy used to melt stuff with his X-ray vision. Any questions? No? Good, let's move on...."

This is why I think teachers are overpaid. Yeah, I said it!


De said...

So which name did you prefer: Lightning Boy or Lightning Lad?

Adam Barnett said...

wow... don't get me started. how could they NOT have called him Lightning Lad from the get-go?

Anonymous said...

Saturn Girl is a dead ringer for Alice Kramden!

Anonymous said...

I'm more impressed with the teachers nonchalance over Superboy's presence. Sure, maybe time-travel is commonplace in the 30th century, but really nothing more than a "How fortunate!"? The guy they're studying from 1000 years ago walks into the room and teach treats it like somebody found a piece of chalk he dropped.

And really, how far behind could they have fallen? I think even without the robot, "Superboy melted things with his eyes" isn't a particularly difficult concept.

Sea-of-Green said...

Oh, geez, the Legion ... :-)

And, wait ... is that a BLACKBOARD in the teacher's classroom? They actually still use BLACKBOARDS in the future ...?

Adam Barnett said...

maybe they discovered dry-erase markers caused sterility!