Friday, May 25, 2007

Why You Should Never Let a Blind Woman Go to the Beauty Salon Alone...

.... because apparently, her hair will randomly turn green for one panel. Ben could say something, I suppose, but he's smart enough to know you never say anything negative about your woman's hair unless you're tired of hot meals and sleeping in your own bed.

This reminds me of the time Julie got a tattoo on MTV's Sorority Life. She told the tattoo guy she wanted "Jewels" tatooed on the back of her neck, but he mis-spelled it and it ended up saying "JewLez," and none of the other girls said anything while he did it. Now that was quality television!

And no, before you ask.... those are not Bugle Boy Jeans Ben is wearing.


SallyP said...

Wait, isn't she blind? How does she KNOW there wasn't anybody there? They could have been standing there, not saying anything, and snickering at her hair, for all she knows.

Erich said...

Well, she's a comic-book blind person, so naturally she can hear the breathing (and sometimes even the heartbeat) of another person, no matter how large the room is or how far away that person is in the room.