Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's Edu-Tainment!

Here at Comics Make No Sense, I never miss a chance to get credit for court-ordered community service.... I mean, educate you, my beloved readers, by showing off how much smarter I am than the doofus who wrote something in 1951:

There is actually an answer to that question. Actually, this question had been answered about 25 years before this little bit of misinformation was added to a 1951 issue of Adventure Comics: According to Rudolph Steiner, due to the thick skin of elephants, when death approaches, they want more earth, of which their skin is most akin, around them, so they withdraw into caves. It's sad, but that's what they do to make themselves feel better, so if you have a spare cave lying around doing nothing and you see a dying elephant, do the right thing. I realize our anonymous cartoonist didn't have access to like I did, but you really shouldn't say something is a mystery if it isn't.

Now, here's a mystery for you:

How stupid and vision-impaired does that kid need to be not to notice the magnifying lens that is bigger than he is? He accepts that he's seeing a dragon, but can't rationalize a big curved piece of glass? Why are us chubby people always morons in comics? And why do we always wear short pants and beanies? Those are questions I'd like answered....


Siskoid said...

Being tall and lanky, I cannot help you with that question.

Not that you'd understand my answer.


De said...

We wear the beanies to cover up our bald spots.

SallyP said...

Ah short pants and beanies. A fashion statement that is LONG overdue for a comeback.