Friday, May 25, 2007

Character Hall of Fame - the Impossible Man

If there was ever a cooler character than the Impossible Man, I don't know who it was. Created by Stan Lee in the 1960's, the character made one appearance in the pages of Fantastic Four and wouldn't show up again for another ten years. He shows up every now and again, and an appearance on a cover guarantees I will buy the comic, even if it is Shadow Hawk.

Sure, he's a rip-off of Plastic Man, but he just enjoys himself so much I don't care.

That is a rather unfortunate angle we've got going there, though. I think I would make a conscious effort not to sound excited when someone was eye-level with my crotch and waving a wand at my junk, but Impy's more secure in his sexuality than I am. That's how cool he is!

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