Monday, July 17, 2017

Did People Used to Really Wear Wreaths? Was That a Thing? And other observations...

Time to take a full look at Master Comics #72!

As you can see, Radar isn't getting top billing in this cover and we're all better off.  However, Radar has two stories in this issue, so I don't know that they've given up on him yet.

Anyway, as the cover illustrates, CMJ doesn't have any Axis bad guys to fight anymore so he borrows Dr. Sivana:

Well, the Governor has the worst security detail ever.

See what I mean?  And... AND... we see once again that using the phone in comics is just asking for injury.

And can you tell me why I'm dressed like Captain Marvel?

And while I'm asking questions:

What the heck is up with the ratio there?  It looks like Dr. Sivana got hold of some of Hank Pym's technology and grew about 15 feet.

Hey!  Let's check in on Bulletman, the Flying Detective

Ladies and gents, Bulletman... the Flying Detective.

And then this happened:

Well, we really shouldn't.  We barely have any disguise as it is, what with our faces exposed and all.  If we take off the helmets, it's highly likely that we'll be recognized as...

Oh.  Well, okay.  I'm starting to think everyone knows the secret identity of the Bullets and no one cares, including themselves.

Hey, kids!  Mary Marvel has an IMPORTANT BACK TO SCHOOL MESSAGE!  We'd better check in!

Hmmm... I'm starting to think that Mary may have exaggerated.

See you soon!

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Gummboote said...

NB that the character in the green dress in that Bulletman story is actually a man in drag...