Friday, May 28, 2010

Sisters Spanking Sisters Friday! (aka The Best Blog Post Ever!)

I know a good blogger should never blog about blogging, but I have to admit that there are times when pickings are so slim that I wonder if I should hang it up. Have I found it all? Has it all been done before? Am I still bringing entertainment to people, or have I become a mediocre restaurant in a good location?

And then, I stumble upon something like this:

Beezy was a regular feature in Crack Comics that I don't read very often because, like most Golden Age features, it doesn't exactly push the envelope.

But every once in a while, we find something in the oddest of places, like Crack Comics #52:

I can't prove it, but I guarantee you the guy on the right never had a successful relationship with a woman. Your game needs a little work when you hunch over and charge at them with your tongue hanging out, although I will concede that every guy there seems to be employing a variation on that theme, so perhaps it was a mating ritual back in the day of our grandparents. But add that you wish to "squirm" with the "witch," and.... well, this is probably the guy who had so much girl-free time on his hands that he invented Dungeons & Dragons. Again, this is pure conjecture on my part, but I'm clearly not pulling it out of nowhere.

Anyway, this is how the story plays out:

It was mildly amusing, I suppose. But then things took quite a turn.

Quite. A. Turn.


Um.... excuse me? What's happening here?

I am not quite speechless, but dang near. I can't believe this treasure remained undiscovered by my friends and me throughout my adolescence. Keep in mind, kids, we didn't have the Internet or Cinemax back in the day. We lived for this sort of thing.

At least we learned a valuable lesson, boys. Beware of jailbait.

Greatest. Story. Ever.

Monday is Memorial Day, so I'll see you Tuesday!


MarvelX42 said...

PAHLEEZE don't quit!

Also that first panel of the girl is VERY reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit.

SallyP said...

Good grief!

Anonymous said...

I can only assume the writers of Animal House had this issue.

Allergy said...

Everyone knows Lizzie Booblefooble is a brunette.

Steve Does Comics said...

Hi. Just nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award. Click the link in my username for more details.