Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Redneck Weddin', Disease-Transmittin', Respect to the Dead Payin', Friction-Lovin' Tuesday!

This was the huge event from Superboy & LSH v. 1 #200:

It wasn't so much that two Legionnaires were getting married for the first time. People just had to see a hottie marrying a non-wealthy fat guy to believe it. I recognize it because "hottie marrying a non-wealthy fat guy" was the theme of my own wedding.

Although it wasn't his first appearance, Wildfire joined in Superboy & LSH v.1 #201:

Which is cool because Wildfire was cool for a long time.

But the real reason that issue was worth two thin dimes was that it contained the very first appearance of Infectious Lass:

No one can deny that this is the greatest character of all time. How can she not have her own title and a major motion picture in the works?

Superboy & LSH was also quite the trailblazer back in the day. In v.1 #203, longtime member Invisible Kid was killed off:

These days, that sort of thing wouldn't happen without a major summer crossover event after 52 weeks of build-up. Invisible Kid wasn't a particularly powerful or important cast member, but he was given an amazing send-off.

And he remained dead until the reboot decades later, which is as it should be. I loved Ted Kord and Ronnie Raymond, but dead should mean "gone forever," even in comics.

But we can't leave on a sad note, can we? Of course we can't! Let's have more fun with out-of-context dialogue. From X-Men v.1 #39:

Yeah, friction is awesome. Let's hear it for friction!

See you tomorrow!


FoldedSoup said...

... so what you're saying is that us guys are supposed to gain wealth and lose weight? I must've read those instructions wrong.

(And what's up with the coloring on that splash page? Seems real muted, especially for the time.)

Anonymous said...

You kid, but I adored Infectious Lass :) She was a funny addition to that incredible "Doctor Thirteen" story.

"Not her, the *pretty* one!" and poor IL just sighs -- heh.

As always, great job, love the site and the sense of humor :)

Take it and run.

Sea-of-Green said...

Infectious Lass was a wonderful character, and ten times more powerful and useful in a fight than the grand majority of the Legionnaires.

SallyP said...

C'mon, Infectious Lass could take out Superman for heaven's sake. Bunch of snotty Legionnaires...(grumble, grumble, grumble)

If Invisible Kid died, did anybody ever find him?

Anonymous said...

Does Infectios Lass has buggers on her sleeves?

(And great blog BTW.)

Captain Infinity said...

I like how Bouncing Boy is grinning like a moron and Duo Damsel looks she just realized she's marrying a non-wealthy fat guy.