Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Costume Hall of Shame - Fireball

Roy Thomas ripped off this character's name from a character who was a rip-off of the Human Torch in a Freedom Fighters story arch ten years earlier. When you rip-off a rip-off, you've really let it rip (so to speak).

It's not so much the lavender as it is how she was drawn in this pic. Wow. I'm the first person to admit that women aren't drawn realistically in comics, but...wow. Made her a little hippy, don't you think?

As she is drawn throughout the rest of the story, she is drawn more normally as defined by comic-book standards. I'm just surprised the inker or the editor didn't put a stop to this unflattering shot, complete with what is crassly refered to as a "camel toe." Oy.


SallyP said...

She looks like she's wearing Granny pampers. NOT flattering.

Sleestak said...

Holy gosh. Sometimes comics can ruin a young mind you know. That anatomy must have freaked out young boys.

John-David Filing said...

Didn't she just travel 950 miles to confront a woman in Orlando who was dating her astronaut boyfriend?

XbeingoflightX said...

Yip Yip Yip!