Monday, February 6, 2017

Under the Radar

This week may be spotty at best, Dear Ones, but let's at least start it off right with a final look at Master Comics #50!

So, here's the Bulletman story where we see Bulletman take a stick of dynamite to the face:

It's actually amusing if you play the Looney Toons theme in your head while you look at it.  Anyway, here we see why Susan's career in the medical field never worked out:

Okay, if she can't tell the difference between "dazed" and "dead," I don't want anyone left in her care ever.  You'd be afraid to take a nap around the woman lest you wake up in a funeral home.

Anyway, she's not listening to Bulletman as per usual:

And then this happens:

So, Bulletman can take a stick of dynamite to the head and recover almost immediately.  But Susan?  One golf club to the head and she's out cold.  I'm not saying a golf club to the head wouldn't be unpleasant, mind you... but she clearly ain't no Bulletman.

Moving on to the previously-promised new hero, Radar.

Ugh.  I hate him already for nothing more than his name,.


Pep Pepper?  Okay, I'll give it to you that "Radar" is an improvement over his real name.


Oh, man... I want to see this guy get throat-punched so badly.

Oh, eesh.  Radar eyes?  Really?

You're overselling it, folks.  Radar Eyes is one of those powers that would be cool to have but boring to read about, second only to telepathy in sheer boredom factor.

See what I mean?

Okay... so are you not allowed to act as Radar if you're wearing plaid or something?  Or is the plain side of your coat some sort of signal that you're working, like the "on duty" light on a taxi?  What if you roll up the sleeves so that parts of both sides are exposed?  Do you have to pay for two tickets to see a movie?  This is really confounding me.

This is unintentionally hilarious:

Yes, tickling the dames with a mustache is a bona fide emergency.  If he tickles one of them with the mustache while wearing plaid, would it be cheating if he tickled the other wearing plain?

I am so done with this character but you know we'll see him again.

See you soon, hepcats!


Gene Phillips said...

I've read zero RADAR stories but I did come across some commentary in some critical book where the author extolled them for liberal political views.

But yeah, he looks pretty dorky, and I don't think he impressed the kids back in the day, either.

Gummboote said...

Radar eyes? Isn't that like having telescopic ears?