Thursday, March 31, 2011

But She's Such a PRETTY Thorn Thursday!

Folks,, who was hosting Snatcher Bodies, had some sort of major server problem and a bunch of stuff was wiped out.  I may put it back up there at some point, but for now, just download it from DriveThruComics using the link in the right-hand column, okay?

Now, back to me making fun of the comics other people made.

Even when Action Comics lets me down for material, I can always count on Lois Lane's solo title for blogging material.  Even the letters page in Lois Lane #5 gave me a chuckle:

Thomas Emory was the coolest kid back in the Silver Age.  He tells it like it is, and we all need a friend who is willing and able to say, "Whoa there, Hoss!  Simmer down!"

Of course, what does the editor say?  "Eh, she's pretty, so leave her be!"

Hey!  It's time for an installment of Lois Lane Head Injury Theater (tm!):

I'm not sure where this originally appeared, but I found it in Lois Lane Annual #1.  Lois is in plane crash, and...

she falls from a tree and hits her head on a rock.  All things considered, that's a pretty good deal for having been in a plane crash, but Lois has lost her memory.  Which, as we all know by now, happens all the time to Lois Lane.

Normally, the idea is to patronize Lois less the realization that she's Lois Lane prove too traumatic.  Which makes some sense, because how would you like to wake up one morning and suddenly remember that you're Lois Lane?  Yup.  It sounds pretty traumatic to me!

Anyway, instead of being patronized by people, Lois gets patronized by a bunch of leopards.

Yes, she's adopted by leopards.  Which I hear is a common danger of head injuries: Amnesia and Becoming Queen of a Leopard Pack.

Of course, there can only be one solution to this situation.  You guessed it:

Yup.  If someone gets amnesia from falling out of a tree and landing on your head, the most widely accepted solution in the medical communities of virtually all industrialized nations is to wait until the patient climbs another tree and lands on her head again.

Oh, my.  I bet it was fun to write Lois Lane comics.  It's like there were no standards whatsoever.

Try not to hit your head and join any packs of wild animals, my lovelies!  I'll see you tomorrow!


NB said...

I love the Silver Age!

D.B. Echo said...

You overlooked a key ingredient in the amnesia cure: enraged gorillas. Without them, we would be looking at just another traumatic brain injury for Lois.

Anonymous said...

actually, becoming Queen of a Leopard pack is pretty cool. But ever get the feeling that Lois Lane is just bullshitting with the whole head injury 57% of the time so that she can get away with weird crap like that?
"Eh, life's been so boring lately... I wanna become Queen of the leopards Just for the hell of it! but what to do if somebody questions my sanity? oh I know, I'll blame it on memory loss!"

The reason why I say this is because She seemed to be awfully sane and thought like an human being after she crashed her plane. and then all of a sudden she acts like a feral child? and plus where the hell did she get that Tarzan outfit from? she just changed her clothes for the hell of it.

E. Bernhard Warg said...

"...where the hell did she get that Tarzan outfit from?"

Sorry, Cousin Mittens, but you let the prey get away one to many times, now Auntie Lois gets to wear you!

Adam Barnett said...

Auroramoon - she scared a native, who happened to be carrying the cloth, of course! I thought some things would be self-explanatory, but apparently not. Yeesh!

Will said...

All these years I've been calling him Superman... I never knew it was spelled SUPERMAN.

Dave Hardy said...

I got hit on the head and ended up with amnesia and became King of the Armadillos once. Fortunately it was covered by Blue Cross.

Adam Barnett said...

Dave, I totally believed your story until you told me Blue Cross actually covered something. :-)

Nathan said...

Since the solution to amnesia in comics and cartoons is ALWAYS another hit on the head, why doesn't anyone ever try that first?