Friday, January 30, 2009

Spittin' in the Oceanin' Friday!

Word is out that individual comics are going to hit $3.99 for the standard 28 page floppy. That will also include ads, so you are going to get about 22 pages of actual story. I'm not sayin' nothin'. These is the facts.

But enough dreary talk of money and such. Let's check out the highlights of Avengers v1 #112! What? You say you didn't know that Avengers #112 had any highlights? Well, you've just gotta look! For example:

I'm as American as a frivolous lawsuit, and I had never heard that phrase before today. I ran the Google, though, and it turns out it's not something they just made up because the Comics Code wouldn't let him say anything more profane. It doesn't quite have the same badassery of the Secret Invasion when the Panther had the corpses of his enemies piled up with "This is what happens when you invade Wakanda" written in blood, but I guess we were more subtle back then.

Now, what really bothers me is this:

Thor, absolutely do not take Iron Man up on this offer to be "pumped" until he defines his terms. You'll thank me later.

But the reason Avengers #112 ruled, for your reading enjoyment:

Yes, the Black Widow quit one whole issue after joining. Whenever Natasha gets on my nerves these days, I read these panels and pretend they just happened. I also re-read it and pretend Natasha is Sue Storm, the Scarlet Witch, Storm, the Wasp or Zatanna in the 1980's JLA. I'd keep Zatanna these days, as she's become quite the spark plug (that's a compliment in Oklahoma).

See you Monday!


SallyP said...

Obviously, the Black Widow doesn't like long term committments...still, a single issue is a tad on the ridiculous side.

Elie said...

It's also ridiculous that Thor would be considered an expert on "gods" in general. It's like the local saying to the American traveler, "You're from the US? Do you know my cousin in Chicago?"

Unknown said...

SAY NO, THOR!!! For the love of Odin, say NO!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know "spit in the ocean" was a saying. That was the name of a card game we used to play when I was a kid. I'm sure it has other names as well.