Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Killed the Original Avengers? Thursday!

Despite being a success, Avengers v1 #15 would be the last of the original Avengers line-up (yeah, I know... the Hulk left in issue #2 and Cap joined in issue #4, but this is considered the real end of the era).

Not only was this necessary, it was humane. Check out the last issue of the original core team:

Not a bad cover, I suppose. I don't believe for a second that the Wasp would actually take the point in a conflict like she's seen doing here, but it promises lots of hitting and blasting, which is why we're plopping down our 12 cents.

Although in the issue itself, it says that gun Zemo is shooting was capable of destroying Cap's shield. I didn't think that was likely and apparently Jack Kirby didn't think so, either. Trash Cap all you want, but don't diss the shield!


No, the writing was on the wall inside the issue itself. Starting with:

Didn't we have a name for the insane security risk commonly perpetuated by penal institutions in comics wherein a super-villain is incarcerated wearing his costume and/or weapons? Here we have it times two.

And have you ever noticed that scientific observation of some sort is always at the root of that extremely ill-advised decision?

Even if we forgive that lame plot chestnut, what about Giant-Man's horrible new costume?

Eeeeeesh! What the heck is that all about? I read the Essential Ant-Man, so I recall when the switch came, but to see that in color is a horror show!

Giant-Man was never exactly red carpet material, but he headed straight into the Costume Hall of Shame for this little number. It is also, I believe, the only issue of the Avengers that inflicted it upon us.

Oh, Cap... I'm enjoying seeing Rick Jones with the snot beaten out of him. Don't talk and ruin it for me.

And the moral of this story is:

What? Seriously, I hate it when people act like they don't understand you just because you aren't expressing yourself perfectly, but what the blue heck is Cap saying? I know he's paraphrasing the caption on the cover, which makes this the second time I truly don't get it. Are we saying that bad things only happen to bad people? Are we saying that bad things always happen to bad people? Where did the bruises on Rick's face go? Are they considering stealing Zemo's shoes? Questions abound!

But, as we'll see, Stan would hit the "reset" button after this and change dang near everything. Considering the last few issues, that was one of his many brilliant moves. Don't we love Stan Lee?

See you tomorrow!


Robert Gillis said...

He’s dead. Let’s leave his corpse to rot here and go grab a pizza or something.

Seems like the heroes were always seeing the bad guy die and then saying, “Too bad, it’s better this way,” and then off to the next adventure.

Allergy said...

So, um, scientists can't study powered armor if you take it off? In the real universe, scientists prefer people to take things off before they study them, if possible.

D.B. Echo said...

You know what would be dumber than sticking two supervillains in a cell together, with the sources of their super-powers intact? How about sticking hundreds of supervillains in a private gulag in the middle of what used to be Kansas, and hope that by associating with each other they would learn the error of their ways and reform?

Honestly, I don't know who was the dumb one in Kingdom Come: Alex Ross, Mark Waid, or Superman.

Sea_of_Green said...

Janet van Dyne Pym: Worst Fashion Designer Ever. Seriously, it's amazing the woman managed to make a living at it. She SUCKED.

De said...

Couldn't Giant-Man just knock them all out with his now giant farts? Jarvis never has Beans & Cheese Day at the mansion?

SallyP said...

You know...Cap DOES seem to be staring quite lustfully at poor old Zemo's shoes.

I'm assuming that Cap is trying to say that he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword, but that saying it like that is far too unpoetic...or something.

#6 said...

So that was 1963 / 1964 or whatever. What I want to know is why in god's name this same sort of moronic plotting is happening NOW, at the end of the age of comics? I mean, I know Bendis et al just endlessly recycle other people's plots - Dire Wraith War / Secret Invasion for example - but the Avengers fragmentation grenade and roster changes have spawned separate comics now. Better drawn, way worse to read is Marvel 2008.

Anonymous said...


...She SUCKED.

I dunno'. Have you seen Gwen Stefani's line ? Jan didn't do so badly in comparison.