Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Paintin' Outside the Lines Tuesday!

Finishing up All-Star Comics #28!

You say this painting will come to life and kill me? Well, I suppose it can wait until after dinner before I destroy it! After all, tonight is meatloaf night! You have this deadly painting rolled up, right?

The first time I have ever seen a literal "thigh-slapper":

and here it is close-up, because it is that awesome:

I'm thinking I'll hang onto this so you'll know when you're supposed to laugh at my clever remarks. I acknowledge that sometimes it's hard to tell, and this can be like a visual laugh-track.

Super-heroes singing is always worth preserving for the ages. You're welcome.

Um... calling a woman "fast" is never a good idea, even when you mean it in the most innocent way, especially when she's capable of cracking your ribcage between two fingers. And is Johnny Thunder staring at Wonder Woman's chest? I think he is. The JSA was not the most progressive of super-hero teams.

There! You see how well that works?

See you tomorrow!


FoldedSoup said...

Peter Bagge consistently drew a great slee-knapper. Usually with a big "HAW!" effect.


Aaron Carine said...

Hey,can any straight guy say he has never admired a handsome bosom?

Anonymous said...

If Peter Bagge started drawing All Star Comics I might actually have to start buying comics again. Once in awhile, anyway. -- cleome45

TF said...

*slaps thigh as instructed*

Sea_of_Green said...

I shoulda known Jay Garrick was a Roy Rogers fan. ;-)

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