Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Edjumacational Wednesday!

Hey! Did you hear there's a new Batman animated series coming in November? It looks suspiciously like a cartoon, but it isn't. It's an animated series. That way, when Beloved says, "You're a 40 year-old man! Why are you watching cartoons?" I can reply, "It isn't a cartoon. It's an animated series."

Anyway, it's a Brave and the Bold project, which means lots and lots of team-ups. I saw a clip that had Bats and the Blue Beetle, but it was the new version, which I poo-poo. Ted Kord was the only Blue Beetle for me. I'll still watch it, though.

History time! Did anyone have this?

My board game collection is pretty anemic. I have the X-Men Alert game with all of the figures painstaking painted by Yours Truly (though the game itself is dreadful) and the Justice League version of Monopoly, which I occasionally look at but have never played because Monopoly requires an attention level I don't have.

But, as to the Cap game, I see there is a Bucky card. What do you suppose it said on the other side? My guess is: Kid sidekick blown to bits. Lose turn for the next 60 years to whine about it.

Bucky should have stayed dead. Dead should mean dead in comics.

I came upon some oooooold World's Finest comics, so expect some rare panels in the days to come!

For example:

In this very early Superman story, Superham is capable of catching bullets and stopping large machinery, but could get beaten down by two normal guys. I guess they hadn't really figured out how the whole "super-powers" thing was going to work yet. I enjoy watching Superham get smacked around. If DC published a Superman Gets Smacked Around title, I'd buy two copies every month.

Like the Golden-Age Sandman, the Golden-Age Crimson Avenger was pretty badass until they took him out of the suit and Fedora. This was the result:

Wow. No one has a perfect body, but that leotard ain't doin' him any favors. That's the longest torso I've seen since Superman Returns.

And finally, we see that no one really understands the concepts of trademarks or intellectual property just yet:

Of course, DC Comics and Disney have never been remotely related, so I'm surprised no one was served with a lawsuit by Walt & Co.

And, some final history for serious geeks only:

From All-Star Comics #32. This, I believe, was the first time a Green Lantern said that phrase, which fanboys know would become the final lines of Hal Jordan's oath in the Silver Age. Am I wrong?

Don't we feel smarter already? Impress your friends!

See you tomorrow!


Allergy said...

No offense, Adam, but I contrive to keep from my friends at all costs the knowledge that I read this blog every day.

(Just kidding. I actually don't have any friends.)

Heh, heh. "Superman goes down." Heh.

TF said...

I love it that the light emanating from his ring is yellow.

SallyP said...

Holy Guacamole! Alan said that first? Your blog is not only amusing, it is educational!

Nick Danger said...

I feel you... I'm 23 and my family still asks when I'll grow out of "animated series'". Never grow up!

Pugar S said...

hey, may you tell me the series where I can find superman defeated by two normal man?