Friday, October 10, 2008

Mysterious Friday!

Although it seems like I'll post dang near anything that comes my way, I couldn't find anything worthwhile in All-Star Comics #24, even though it featured the first appearance of Mr. Terrific and Wildcat as members.

Apparently, neither one set the world on fire, because by All-Star Comics #25, they were gone and the go-to characters of the Flash and Green Lantern were back.

Flash: Boy, it's great to be back. Um....What the heck is up with that corpse in the corner?

Starman: Wonder Woman, didn't we tell you to clean that up?

Wonder Woman: I did! Right after I polished Dr. Fate's helmet and put up a dangling mirror with a bell on it for Hawkman!

(The Body in the Corner Groans)

Dr. Mid-Nite: Hey! He's not dead! I'm a doctor in real life, you know. I don't just call myself "Dr." like some people *coughDrFatecough*.

Atom: He's right! He's not dead! I'll fix that!


Hawkman: No, let's help him instead!


Flash: Wonder Woman, tend to his wounds!

Wonder Woman: Sure, Flash! That's what Amazons pride themselves on: Patching up weak men.


Rob Victor was practical, but poor! So poor, in fact, that he apparently wasn't even given food at dinner parties.

Then again, it seems that Doris is missing a plate as well. I'm surprised anyone went to Tim's dinner parties. The only person I see eating is Tim!

Something big is in the wind!

Oh, sorry.... that was me. I had tacos for lunch. I always make sure I eat some take-out before going to one of Tim's dinner parties.


Apparently, while the Flash was on hiatus from the Justice Society, he got his degree in dentistry. Here we see him interrogating a suspect while giving him a dental exam at the same time. He drew two paychecks that way.

For a dirty thug, your teeth are quite clean!

Yeah, well, this guy Tim keeps inviting me over for dinner, but he's the only one who eats! I ought to stop on the way and get tacos like everyone else.


Believe it or not, "ironical" is a word. I looked it up. So, really, I shouldn't have put that panel up at all.

See you Monday!


Robert Gillis said...

Yes, Tim was a gay lad, and just loved Atom's dashingly fashionable costume.

If I remember correctly, Wonder Woman's strength is on par with Superman -- why is she doing all the menial stuff?

De said...

What Hawkman meant to say was, "Forget it! You all suck, especially Tim and his crappy dinner parties!"

D.B. Echo said...

"Yes, forget it! Especially the part about taking advice from a half-naked guy wearing wings and the top half of a bird's head!"

Tomfoolery said...

'Something big is in the wind' sounds like something that was meant to sound epic but came out all wrong.

I don't like the way the 'old timer' is holding that gun.

SallyP said...

I have to admit, that this is MUCH more hilarious, with your dialogue. Poor Wonder Woman. She really gets all the crappy jobs. And she doesn't even get to go out and have fun beating up thugs like the rest of them.

And for the last time, will SOMEONE please tell the Atom to put on some pants?