Monday, October 27, 2008

Sewin' and Bewitchin' Monday!

Friend Kyle doesn't think I'll say this out loud for fear of losing my readership, but I'm going to say it anyway: Journey to the Center of the Earth was ten times better than Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and AND....

Brendan Frasier is a better actor than Harrison Ford. Much.

That's right. Bring it! Defeat me and two more will take my place!

Hey! It's time for more Fun with Out of Context Dialogue!(tm) This one is courtesy of Batman #254, which I believe reprinted the Batman story from World's Best, which would become World's Finest at issue #2:

Okay, so the butler likes it rough. I'm not here to judge.

With Avengers v1 #28, Giant-Man returned. Unfortunately, he brought the Wasp with him:

And, as you can see, he changed his name to Goliath, which didn't make a whole lot of sense because not only was Goliath a bad guy, but a loser of Biblical proportions. Still, it sounded much more cool. Like "Cain" is a cooler-sounding name than "Abel," but you can't name your kid "Cain" without guaranteeing he'll go to jail at some point in his life.

Thankfully, Hank got some new duds. How do we explain them?

Yeah, that's the ticket! Wanda just sits around sewing new costumes for former members in case they happen to drop by. Because she's a girl. And girls can't help but sew. It's a sickness, really.

More fun with Out of Context Dialogue!(tm):

Thank you, All-Star Comics #30!

What a Monday it's been. I feel the need to dance:

Aren't they precious?

See you tomorrow!


mwb said...

"Because she's a girl. And girls can't help but sew. It's a sickness, really."

Zing! Exactly. The fact that SW could kick all their asses is avoided by her OCD sewing fetish...

Robert Gillis said...

No, I agree with you -- even Lucas and Spielberg said that people would hate Crystal Skulls no matter what -- I didn't hate it, I just didn't see the need for it. There were some fun scenes, Shia was fine as Mutt, Harrison is fine as Indy and Karen Allen grinned like a Jack-O-lantern high on LSD for much of the CGI film. It wasn't a classic. It was just... ok.

Regarding the sewing -- um, yeah, THAT'S PLAUSIBLE! Do you really want someone who dresses up like WANDA designing your costume?

FoldedSoup said...

Ah Eeem!

That was awesome!

Captain Infinity said...

...because not only was Goliath a bad guy, but a loser of Biblical proportions.

A loser of Biblical proportions? I think the name suits Hank perfectly.

D.B. Echo said...

Well, at least we know that robo-clone Thor blows a hold through his chest in a few years.

What? That was a different Goliath? Well, how many "Goliath"s are there in the DC Universe?

Oh...that many?

It's good Wanda has a hobby. While she's busy sewing, she's not, say, using her powers to unweave the fabric of reality or something.

D.B. Echo said...

Sorry, I meant "in a few decades."

Allergy said...

Blowing rods and gulping? He's doing it incorrectly if someone is saying "Oww!!"

TF said...

I love the fact that Hank obviously thinks he can't visit his wife if he's not wearing some sort of new supercostume.

the dramatic pause is also hilarious.

'each moment's delay is keeping from--- ....




the wasp!'

SallyP said...

Sewing, eh? Well it isn't as though she was allowed to do any FIGHTING!

Anonymous said...

That's actually one of the least visually painful costumes I've ever seen on Hank Pym.

Of course, I thought the Yellowjacket costume was kind of cute, so what do I know ?


-- cleome45

D.B. Echo said...

...and I meant "Marvel Universe." That came to me at work today, while I was in the middle of a complicated and painstaking data analysis. I nearly smacked myself in the head!

Jack Norris said...

I know that this isn't really relevant to whether the film was really any good or not, but I was predisposed to defend Crystal Skull before ever seeing it just on the basis of all the people who freaked right out over aliens being a story element, but had had no problem with the hand of GAWD HISSELF being in evidence in the first (and to a degree the third) movie.